Love Where You Live

Top 5 Reasons to Love Living at the Beach

Delaware Beaches are the quintessential beach town experience. There are endless reasons why everyone loves living at the beach: the smell of fresh ocean air, laidback beach days, the small town community; this list could go on and on. Here are highlights of the best reasons to live in the area:

1. Nature: Of course the beach is a huge part of living in a coastal area. From the gentle surf of Lewes Beach to the sandy shores of Fenwick Island State Park, this area holds some of the most beautiful beach options in the country. In addition to clean, pristine beaches, Southern Delaware also has a wide variety of trails, marshes, wetlands, canals, bays and more! This area is an outdoorsman’s dream- from hiking, biking, boating, kayaking, you name it! There is always a reason and a way to get outside and explore Delmarva. 

2. Local Cuisine: Delaware is lucky to have an extensive restaurant scene. From award winning restaurants, local staples, farm to table experiences, there is something for everyone! Not to mention, DE has access to the freshest seafood and local produce thanks to the close proximity to the sea and surrounding farm lands, ensuring that you are always getting the freshest ingredients! 

3. The Way of Life: Everything just seems lighter on the shore. Time slows down and you can feel the stress floating away. Sit back and relax with a drink in your hand and sand between your toes. Hop on your beach cruiser for a leisurely bike ride. Paddle-board or kayak down the canal. Take a boat trip around the bay. The options are limitless and every day brings a new adventure!

4. Tax-free shopping: Take a break from the beach and head to the shops guilt free thanks to no sales tax in the entire state of Delaware. Hit the outlets for all your luxury, brand name stores or visit the local boutiques to pick up unique finds from each town. *Speaking of taxes, Delaware has one of the lowest property taxes in the entire nation! Come for the beauty of the area, stay for the affordable living.*

5. Proximity: Enjoy all aspects of small town living. When you are itching for a big city trip, major hubs are a short driving distance away- the cities of Baltimore, DC and Philly are just about a 2 hour drive and NYC about 4 hours away. You get the best of both worlds being at the beach.