Sprucing Up Your Backyard

Tips for Sprucing Up Your Backyard

Spending so much time at home over the last year, we have all learned to appreciate and care for our living spaces. Countless DIY projects were started with ambitious thoughts of giving your kitchen or living room a facelift. With summer here in full swing, it’s time to focus on an area you may have neglected over the winter season: the backyard.

Who doesn’t love spending time in the backyard in the summer months? Getting together with friends and family, barbecuing, soaking up the sun- there is nothing better! Here are some tips to spruce up your backyard for this summer season.

1. Create a Space: Putting a patio or deck is a great first step to providing an instantaneous area to entertain. This maps out where you will set up your furnishings to take your entertaining area to the next level.

2. Add Plants: Put your green thumb to the test. Incorporating live plants to your backyard is the best way to enhance the aesthetic of the area. Whether you plant a flower bed, add a small garden filled with tomato plants and fresh herbs, or play around with potted plants, you can’t go wrong.

3. Install Lighting: Hanging creative fixtures or string lights ensures you and your guests can take advantage of the outdoors long after the sun goes down, as well as providing an elegant ambiance.

4. Always Accessorize: Laying out an outdoor rug or swapping out pillows is a fairly reasonable, easy, noncommittal way to add color or texture to the area.

5. Consider Hardscaping: Although this isn’t necessarily the cheapest route, hardscaping adds both a functionality and beauty to your home, providing direction and texture to the yard. Hardscaping is also a great way to increase your property value!

Enjoy the outdoors this summer, all from the comfort of your new and improved backyard!